Our Mission

A commitment to delivering services and providing resources to English-speaking and Indigenous adults and their families. We offer these to everyone interested in improving their reading, writing, numeracy, computer, and teaching skills at no cost.

Our Vision

To provide leadership in promoting awareness of the increasing importance of literacy in our modern world.

Our Activities

Our regular activities include a tutoring program, a quarterly newsletter, an active social media presence, and a weekly drop-in service for those seeking help with specific issues. We also offer various workshops, activities, and events throughout the academic year, often tailored to the needs and interests of community members. Some of our past collaborations have included Music and Literacy, Digital Literacy, and the importance of mental health.

Our History

The Gaspésie Literacy Council (GLC), one of eleven literacy councils in Quebec, has been serving the many communities in our territory since 1984. Throughout most of this history, we have served community groups along the entire Gaspé coast, the North Shore (Baie Comeau), and the Magdalen Islands by providing financial support and offering book sales through local schools and community centers.

In 2018, the GLC began to completely restructure our approach, expanding our partnerships and taking a more active role within the community. Currently, our projects focus primarily on workshops and events that promote tutor formation, family and digital literacy, and community engagement. Our community projects allow families to explore literacy through many different approaches, from painting and music to craftsmanship and cooking, as well as the more traditional reading and writing methods.