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Music and Literacy

  The newest in our series of infographics - Music and Literacy This poster is designed to show how the principles of music work to teach the basics of literacy - with a bunch of other benefits as well! Music is a wonderful way to learn because it's fun, grabs your attention, and introduces you

Multicultural Literacy

Living in a multicultural world is difficult and can be very political. But at the same time that tensions run high between people of different backgrounds, we have an opportunity to grow and learn. Increasing your multicultural literacy makes the world a better place by being aware that how we grow up makes us different.

Physical Literacy

What is physical literacy? How does it change as we age? What can we do about it? Movement is a fundamental part of growth – having confidence in our ability to move, knowing that we should, and why it’s important is crucial to this type of literacy. Having good grasp of physical literacy means having

How to Be an Indigenous Ally

The Montreal Urban Aboriginal Community Strategy Network created and published a toolkit to outline the ways in which every person can be an Indigenous ally. The toolkit breaks down what it means to be an ally into three steps: Be critical of any motivations. Start learning. Act accordingly. The Network members that developed the toolkit

Media Literacy

We try to spend quality time together as a family. We try to read books, hang out with friends, and engage with our community. But let’s be realistic, the world we live in encourages us to spend at least as much time in front of the TV, computer, and smartphone. Media literacy is an ongoing

Fundraising with the GLC

Are you a book lover? A fan of online shopping? Have you got some holiday gifts to order? The holidays are fast approaching! This year, consider using gift giving as an opportunity to help the GLC raise some money for our efforts throughout the year. Chapters/Indigo will donate a percentage of your purchase toward the

Learning With Your Child

Learning With Your Child is a free resource that offers guidelines to parents on how to introduce and get the most out of reading time with your children, how to create a positive learning environment, and how children learn. “To develop good reading habits that will last a lifetime, a child must be surrounded by