Fundraising with the GLC

Are you a book lover? A fan of online shopping? Have you got some holiday gifts to order?

The holidays are fast approaching! This year, consider using gift giving as an opportunity to help the GLC raise some money for our efforts throughout the year.

Chapters/Indigo will donate a percentage of your purchase toward the GLC if you order through our FlipGive Fundraiser – the amount is dependent on what you’re buying. Simply send an email to or send us a Facebook message and we will add you to our list of members. You will be asked by Indigo for your email and to create a password. Once you’re logged in, you can go about your shopping as usual and your purchases will support us!

The best part? Everything raised through this fundraiser will go right back to you in free give-aways throughout the year, books that for our book sale (which will be sold at a greatly reduced price in the spring), and other community activities.

Thank you for your support!

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